Mission Statement

Our aim is to produce the finest sports cars that we can possibly produce in order to enable our customers and race car drivers to experience a car that can push them to the absolute limit.

We aim to marry style with performance in order to create an experience that any driver would relish.

We view each new build as an opportunity to build someones dreams and bring those dreams to life.

Company History

Aries Motorsport is a British kit car manufacturer based in Cardiff South Wales. The company was created in April 2007 and is the distributor of the Locost and LocoBlade kits. These are Lotus seven inspired cars with a choice of power options.

Since 2007 Aries Motorsport has been successful in not only developing the locost and loco blade kits but also now hosts a new car to its roster and is home to the Sabre, a true mid engined space framed open two seat sports car.

Always a company that it toking forward we are now excited to announce the newest addition to the Aries stable, The Typhon, A two seater front engined sports car that we look forward to competing with and also make a road legal version of that will hopefully take us from London to Tokyo in 2018.

Company achievements

There are several Stuart Taylor and Aries cars running on the British Locost championship, with wins in 5 out of 6 years between 2000 and 2006. There are at least 5 currently running in the 2016 Locost series.

Since 2015 Aries Motorsport are also home to the Sabre G2, a mid/rear engined space framed open two seat sports car. It is eligible for many championship series and in 2016 will be running in the 750mc RGB championship for bike engined cars. It runs the ultra reliable Honda CBR1000R Fireblade engine, and with an all up weight of around 435 kg gives a power to weight ratio of over 400 bhp per tonne.

In 2016 we had 2 classes wins with our loco range but looked more towards a new design for our Sabre

In 2017 We are heavily involved this year with developing not only a new car but a new strategy to take us forward and successfully in to 2018.

Company Goals

Our goal is to constantly move forward with our design and ethos, we as a company understand that continual development is not just a thing to be spoken about but a necessity for the company to not only survive but thrive.