Sabre update time –
A 4am start on Thursday saw us on the rollers at Daytuner early doors.
Job here was to set up the new race motor which went well 
Next up was a drive down to Donington ready for Friday test –
Our day went well with good times and a driver pushing harder all day as he started to explore the aero and mechanical grip.
The second session was marred after having been incorrectly black flagged for noise and sitting stationary in the stop box, a numpty in a Z3 BMW drive straight into the back of us.
Damage to rear tree, wing stays, rear clip but thankfully missing the wing.
In hindsight it could have been so much worse and a frantic spannering operation saw us able to continue testing in the last two sessions.
Times continued to tumble and we left very happy.
Now a busy week on repairs and customer jobs before heading down for round 1 next weekend

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